My love for photography started when I was nine years old. The week after my first communion ceremony, my Mother scheduled a photo session with a photographer in my native City of San Salvador, where I grew up. As I entered the studio, I was in awe when I saw the big lights around the room and the big round flash the photographer was using. To this day, I can still remember how the lights flashed in front of my eyes! I still have vivid memories of my first communion dress, which I wore in the photo session. I would never forget when my Mother made that dress. It was the most elaborate and beautiful dress I ever had! After the photo session, my Mother kept that photograph until I was in my twenties. And during my 26th birthday, she gave it to me as a birthday present. She had it well preserved and framed. When I opened the present, and saw my nine years old face, it brought tears to my eyes, tear of joy. That is the power of a photograph!


Today, I combine my life experiences, advertising skills and creativity to pursue my love for photography.


I see Life as an adventure. When I photograph a person, it fills my heart with joy as I capture the right moment to bring the best in each of them. Each situation is unique and each photograph tells a story; if the photograph is to promote a business, with my marketing skills I am able to give an honest, bottom line suggestion to make the business more profitable.


When photographing an event, a first communion, a wedding, a graduation, a Yogi practicing their asanas, or a couple in their golden years just holding hands, I know it in my heart they will treasure those captured moments which will be shared throughout the years when looking at my photographs.


Thank you for visiting our website and my hope is for you to enjoy this moment in time through our images.


Silvia Jovel-Grunauer