I have been taking photographs since I was seven years old. I owed my passion for photography to my parents. It all started during one of our routine Sunday outings with the family at the lawns of the airport of Guayaquil-Ecuador, where I grew up. My mother had a twin lens reflex film camera, which only took black & white film, and asked me to take one picture of the family. She briefly showed me how to operate the camera by looking thru the top viewfinder, holding the camera steady and always facing the subjects with the sun on my back. Nervous the first time around, my very first picture had terrible camera shake and I still have it.

From that moment on, I started taking photographs of everything I could, whenever I could get my hands on my mother’s camera. From that very first camera, I continue shooting with a Kodak Instamatic, then a Polaroid, then with Minoltas ST-102, 202 and XG-7, Nikons 8008 and F-4, and now the Canon system.

Although I have been taking photographs since 1967, I’ve never considered myself a professional photographer but just another passionate human being who wants to be more and more in touch with nature and the human race, and want to share with the world how I see life thru a lens.

No matter if I am photographing foods, landmarks, people, the sky, the animal kingdom, mountains, building structures, monuments, sunsets, flowers, birds, insects, or just little things out of the ordinary but yet ordinary, all of my work has a piece of my heart and soul in it. The same appreciation that I have for my work, I have for life.

I hope you enjoy this collection of some of my artwork.

God Bless!

Luis Alberto Grunauer, Jr.